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Week of NOVEMBER 24th

Thursday's Newcomer I and II classes will be held at Knox Metropolitan Church (8307 109 Street NW)

  • Monday Newcomer I / II: Old Timer's Cabin (9430 Scona Road NW)
  • Monday Bronze / Silver: No classes this week
  • Wednesday OPDS / Pre-Bronze: St. Basil's (7007 109 Street NW)
  • Thursday Newcomer I / II: Knox Metropolitan Church (8307 109 Street NW)

Also note that Monday's classes have been extended to December 1st and will be held at their regular locations (Bronze and Silver at St. John's and Newcomer I and II at Old Timer's Cabin).

(Last Updated 2014-11-24)

"The Starlight Ball" winter Waltz - Sat Nov 29th

Join us for an elegant evening of dance at the UADC's annual Winter Waltz! Tickets on sale at class locations and OPDS. Cash, credit, and debit accepted.

We will be serving Polish-style stuffed chicken (with peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheese), garden salad, roasted potatoes, and three-cheese perogies. There is an option of grilled or breaded chicken if allergies or lactose intolerance is a problem, and a vegetarian option of lasagna.

If there are any concerns about meal options, contact Amber.

  • Date: Saturday November 29th, 2014
  • Time: Cocktails 5:30p / Dinner 6:30p / Dance 8:30p - 1:00a
  • Location: Polish Hall (10960 104 Street NW, Edmonton)
  • Dinner and Dance Cost: Members $75.00 / Non-Members $85.00
  • Dance Only Cost: Members $25.00 / Non-Members $35.00

Tickets are now available through EventBrite.

Dance only tickets can be purchased at the door. Meal tickets are on sale until Friday November 28th at 12:00p

(Last Updated 2014-11-19)

New UADC Office

After a couple of years without an on-campus office, we are finally back!

As we are still in the process of arranging proper office hours, we will be announcing week to week what the office hours will be. In preparation for this weekends Winter Waltz, we will maximize the office hours this week for tickets sales, so come and get them!


  • University of Alberta Main Campus, Student's Union Building (SUB), Basement level, Section 011, Sub-Section 011-C

Office Hours:

  • Tuesday Nov 25th: 9:00a - 1:30p
  • Wednesday Nov 26th: 2:30p - 5:00p
  • Thursday Nov 27th: 10:00a - 4:00p
  • Friday Nov 28th: 9:00a - 11:00a, 1:30p - 5:00p

If none of the times listed above work for you, feel free to message us at info@uadc.ca, and we can try to arrange an appointment!

Oh, and don't be a stranger. Feel free to come and say hi! We don't bite (well, most of us don't...)!

(Last Updated 2014-11-24)

Fall classes

Now that summer is finishing up, we need something to look forward to in the coming dark, dark months of fall and winter. Thus, we bring you our fall classes! Here are all the details you need to know.

Note: We are no longer accepting new registrations for the fall session for our Newcomer levels (1 & 2). However, you can still register for the pre-bronze and higher classes. Please keep in mind we do not offer discounts for late registries.

Membership Costs

All UADC classes require the purchase of a UADC membership in addition to the cost of the class itself.

  • U of A Undergraduates: $5.00
  • U of A Graduates: $25.00
  • U of A Staff / Alumni: $45.00
  • Non-Students: $60.00

Memberships can be purchased at the same time as class registration.

Class Costs

  • Newcomer I: U of A Undergrads $40.00 / Others $50.00
  • Newcomer II: U of A Undergrads $40.00 / Others $50.00
  • Pre-Bronze: U of A Undergrads $50.00 / Others $60.00
  • Bronze: U of A Undergrads $55.00 / Others $65.00
  • Silver: U of A Undergrads $65.00 / $Others 75.00

Class Schedule


  • Old Timer's Cabin (9430 Scona Road NW)
  • Newcomer I - 6:45p - 8:15p
  • Newcomer II - 8:30p -10:00p
  • Note: Accessible from the University main campus via the #7 bus
  • St. John's Cultural Centre (10611 110 Avenue NW)
  • Bronze - 6:45p - 8:15p
  • Silver - 8:30p - 10:00p


  • St. Basil's (7007 109 Street NW)
  • Open Practice Dance Session - 6:45p - 8:30p
  • Pre-Bronze - 8:30p -10:00p


  • Grandin Elementary School (9844 110 Street NW)
  • Newcomer I - 6:45p - 8:15p
  • Newcomer II - 8:30p - 10:00p
  • Note: Accessible from the University main campus via the LRT station by getting off at the Grandin Station

Membership Purchases and Class Registration

Membership and class registration takes place at the lessons themselves. (Please show up 30 minutes in advance for registration before a class in order to have adequate time for processing.)

(Last Updated 2014-10-29)

Winter Classes

Indeed...we will have winter classes! Expect the overall class schedule to be mostly the same, and classes to start around the week of Jan. 19th 2015, give or take a week.

These details are to be confirmed, but it helps give an idea of what to expect.

(Last Updated 2014-11-24)

UADC mailing list

To comply with Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation that comes into effect July 1st, 2014, everyone on the UADC mailing list will be removed on June 30th, 2014.

To continue to receive e-mail notices from the UADC, you will need to provide express consent by re-adding yourself to the mailing list.

To do so, simply send an e-mail to ballroom-join@mailman.srv.ualberta.ca from the e-mail account you wish to have added to the list. You will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail message which you will need to reply to. You will then be notified you were added onto the list.

You will be able to remove yourself from the list at any time by sending an e-mail to ballroom-leave@mailman.srv.ualberta.ca from the e-mail account you wish to have removed from the list, or by clicking the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of every UADC e-mail.

(Last Updated 2014-10-04)

volunteer with the UADC

Anyone out there ready to donate some time to your favorite club in the world? If so you should contact our volunteer director straight away at volunteer.director@uadc.ca. Volunteering with us is as easy as DJ-ing, helping at the door, helping to plan events or joining up with the Executive members.

The best part about volunteering with the club is that you do it out of the kindness of your hearts, but if you want benefits then check this out. You can earn yourself free classes, free memberships, free socials, or even a ticket to the year's hottest events.

(Last Updated 2014-09-02)

UADC Jackets

We still have a few jackets available for $70 a piece. If you are interested in purchasing a jacket please contact us.

We still have Ladies sizes: XS, S, M, L
We still have Mens sizes: S, M, L,

Product availability subject to change without notice. First come first serve basis.

(Last Updated 2014-01-27)

UADC Photo Gallery

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